Now That’s What I Call Marketing

Recently, on my way out of Walmart, I saw an advertisement for a CD we all remember: NOW! That’s What I Call Music.
The ad was promoting the 40-something volume. I had Now! 7 back in the day. And I was tired of it in about 5 seconds. Maybe that’s just me…

I can’t help but feel sorry for this compilation CD that will have no chance in a world of iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify.  When was the last time someone asked you, “Hey, did you get the new NOW! CD? It far exceeded my expectations.”  Or even the last time you saw a commercial for it, or heard about it on the radio?   And yet, they’re still in production.

You have to wonder: where did all the compact discs go?  In this rapidly evolving world we moved from vinyls to computer managed music faster than you could say m-p-3.
The majority of CD purchasers these days are either supporting a band or artist that they respect, or they have just not moved into this century.  The chances of either purchaser wanting a mixture of the most recent worn-out radio play are slim.  And when you can just create the same playlist or stream ‘Everything Popular‘ on the online radio of your choice for free, why pay?

In marketing, understanding culture is essential.  Otherwise, how will you know it’s time for your NOW! to become something of the past.  When is it time for a good-or a not so good- product to die?


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