What The Go-Giver Taught Me about Passion in the Workplace

I am going to start this off by stating that every bit of this simple parable by Bob Burg will feed your mind.  Seriously, go Google the reviews, order it on Amazon, and read it first.  Then you can come back to this one thought that can’t possibly give the entire piece justice.

The idea that resonated most with me was a very simple statement that could almost be buried under the larger points of the book regarding success.  But I felt it was pertinent to the overarching theme that kept coming back to gaining success by maintaining relevancy, reliability, and integrity with your clients.  The idea was this: People work for 3 reasons- to survive, to save, and to serve.

It has stayed with me months after finishing the book because it is something that has become more and more apparent as I move my life closer toward a career.  The truth is- some people live their whole lives surviving.  They make it from paycheck to paycheck, all the while working in a miserable environment.  Others make a very comfortable living and work solely to provide that for their family, while putting money away for the future (kids’ colleges and a comfortable retirement.)  These people may sometimes believe that’s as good as it gets.

But the real jackpot is serving.  If you work to serve, you enjoy your job.  Your contribution is significant; you matter.  You have the distinct pleasure of doing what you love and feeling good about what you do.  When you are happy to do what you do everyday, you can serve your clients, your colleagues, your managers, and the vision of your company. Good luck serving a company, or industry for that matter, that you aren’t passionate about.

Find something to be passionate about, a career that will give you joy and that will allow you to pour joy into it.  And be a part of the lucky few that work to serve.

How could the innovation of entrepreneurship benefit from an attitude of service?


4 thoughts on “What The Go-Giver Taught Me about Passion in the Workplace

  1. WOW – what a very kind review of John David Mann’s and my book. Thank you. So very honored to know you found the book to be of sufficient value to share with your readers. Greatly appreciated!

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